Love slots? So do we! While a lot of gamblers that prefer strategy games feel that slots aren’t really a good use of time, we would definitely have to disagree. There’s always something to do with a good slot game. And when you really think about it — isn’t all of life strategy? You don’t want to find yourself unable to figure out what you’re actually going to do with your free time, or the rest of your life. So you probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you’re actually going to do with your life as a whole. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there really does have to be some time to think about relaxation. If you never pursue anything fun, you’re going to eventually feel resentful.

Casino gambling online means that you really get a chance to take time for yourself. Slots are the perfect escape because they really don’t take a lot of brainpower and sometimes that’s really a good thing. In life, there’s already so much that we have to think about. It would be a lot better if we could just have moment sin life where we really don’t have to think about anything.

Of course, there is one big reason why people play slots — it’s profitable! You can win big money and have the time of your life. You can also meet a lot of cool people as well.

Yet if you’re new to the world of online slots, you might not realize what’s actually hot. We came up with 7 slot games that you really need to check out for yourself!

1. Major Millions

This is a slot game that uses the Microgaming software platform and it’s pretty feature rich. It’s a 5-reel slot game that includes multiplier and scatter symbols as well as a progressive jackpot. We really like progressive jackpots because that’s where the big money is.

2. Tomb Raider

Bonus slots, bonus slots, bonus slots — did we mention bonus slots yet? We’re only talking about the Tomb Raider slot game. You can bet up to 75 coins, which means that while it’s not going to let you bet as much as other machines, you really do get to win something and you also get to protect your bankroll as much as possible. Like Major Millions, this is also a Microgaming game.

3. Fantastic 4

This is a very popular game that has fans from all over the world. We like it because there’s one wild symbol for each reel. What’s more, you can get a bonus round pretty easily. You just have to get 3 scatter symbols to line up. This means that you really have the chance to make serious money when you really think about it. With 5-reels, getting the right symbol that you need is pretty straightforward.

4. X-Men

This slot game is 9 lines and comes with an awesome atmosphere to it. You’re going to get animations, great sound and full color. There’s also a great bonus round with plenty of wild symbols. And friend, that means money in your pocket so what more could you honestly want?

5. Double Panda

This WagerLogic slot game has a lot to offer, so we had to include it. Bonus slots, and an impressive 25 lines means that there’s seriously a lot of money to be made. Wild and scatter symbols abound in this slot game as well.

6. Spider-Man

If we’re going to highlight X-Man, we have to keep the comic book love flowing. Spider-Man is a 25 line game, with a $250 max bet — WOW! That’s serious playing right there. Make sure that you check it out for yourself. Like Double Panda, it’s also a WagerLogic game.

7. Pandemonium

The largest jackpot possible on this game is 2,000 coins, but don’t let that stop you. This might not be the first game that you reach for, but the bonus rounds make it worthwhile in the long run to check out.

Overall, we could have listed a lot more than just seven. But when you just want to go online and play the slot games that matter to you, it’s never a bad idea to make sure that you’re thinking about keeping things short and sweet, so to speak.

Good luck out there — you’re going to love playing slots!

By Maya