If you’re looking for new slots, don’t worry — you’re in very good company. We think that adding new slots to your ongoing list helps give you more variety, breaks up boredom, and makes it easier to feel like you’re going to be able to really make some good money on the side. There’s nothing wrong with the idea that you could win a little money. It’s not necessary, but it never fails to put a smile on our face when we hit a small prize while playing slots. But those big jackpots? That’s a completely different matter. After all, how many friends would you call if you ended up winning the big jackpot? It might not be enough to never work again, but it certainly gives you something cool to discuss with everyone at the office. Having a little breathing room is always nice, and who knows…you might want to make it your little secret.

The five slots discussed in this guide can be found in almost any UK casino online and most of them will offer you a first deposit bonus. They can be your little secret as well, if you don’t want to share them with anyone. Feel free to check them all out, or just go for the themes that spark your interest the most. We don’t mind either way!

1. Kitty Cash

Kitty Cash slot

This is a slot with a very playful cat theme, inviting you to leave your stress behind and win some money. Isn’t that the best setup ever? With Kitty Cash, you’re getting a standard 5-reel slot with 9 paylines. Now, it doesn’t sound like nine paylines will win you much but there’s a lot to experience with this slot. All of the money making symbols are cats of some kind. If you get the purple cat to show up five times in a row, you get 750 times your original coin bet. That’s a nice prize, for sure. You also get free spins that can trigger over and over again, along with a scatter symbol that gives you a good multiplier. The free spins symbol will show up as a can of tuna, and you get a wild symbol as well. The wild can replace anything on the board, and it doubles your wins if you trigger the symbols on an actual payline. Definitely a game worth checking out.

2. The Bermuda Mysteries

Bermuda Mysteries slot

This is another game that caught our attention, because who doesn’t like a good mystery-themed slot? Bermuda Mysteries is set along the premise that a fleet of insurance companies is waiting back on your home territory to reward you with treasure, provided that you go into the Bermuda Triangle of course. The background music is a little chilling, which matches the mood of the slot. Will you return or be consumed by the mysterious Triangle?

If you find five of the missing boats, you get 5,000 times your original stake, which is the top prize in this game. But you also get a Wild Bonus that comes in handy, because it can morph into other prizes. Also look for the Badge symbol, because you get to have free games where all of the prizes are doubled. Definitely worth checking out!

3. Loaded P.I.

Loaded P.I. slot
Have you ever wanted to be a detective caught in the middle of a case that just doesn’t want to be solved? Now you can while playing Loaded P.I. You’re going to play a 25-payline slot game with some interesting action. If you’re looking for mobile slot games, this one should definitely be on your list. It’s been formatted for smartphone action, so you can take the thrill anywhere you want. Moving on to the features, you’ve got a big 1,000 multiplier payout if you can get five of the title logo icons to show up. If you can find the villain symbols, you’ll get 500 times your bet per line. It’s a very straightforward slot game that can pay out real money and rewards you with smaller prizes that seem to come up more frequently.

4. Thief

Thief slot

While we’re definitely not encouraging you…this slot lets you live out the fantasies of a high end thief, traveling the world taking expensive and rare treasures worth a fortune. The high-stakes heist action is big within this slot universe, along with the jackpot waiting for you. Would you believe that the jackpot is well over 68,000 coins? That’s a lot of action in one game, and you even get two different free spins available for the taking. If that wasn’t enough, you can get expanding wilds that will cover the reels and help you capture wins that would otherwise be lost.

5. Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers slot

If you’re in the mood for a playful 3D slot game, you have to check out Taco Brothers. It covers a fictional event — the 1881 Taco Rebellion, of course. There’s an evil guy that bans everyone from eating tacos, which means that it’s time for a hero to save the people. You’ll have to check out an awesome bonus game with multiple layers, and a feature called Running Wilds that gives you a chance to make more matches that wouldn’t be claimed otherwise. There is a neat plot within the slot game, and the interactivity is really high. You’ve got to check this one out, because we can’t let evil Captain Diaz win, right? Tacos for everyone!

Giving yourself new slots will wake your mind up to even more jackpots, more wins, and more chances to have a great time. If you play in a popular uk casino that rewards you every time you reload, then you’re even getting closer to top notch VIP status and all of the treatment that you deserve. Have fun!

By Maya