The Best Online Casinos

The online casino industry is a large one. With the increased interest and popularity of online gambling, the industry continues to grow. Players no longer have to leave their homes to enjoy their favorite casino games be it blackjack, poker or slots UK. In fact every online casino game that you could think of can be found in an online casino.

Naturally every player wants to play at the best online casino, but what makes an online casino the best?

Several factors do actually. But there is not one single online casino that is better than all the rest. What is the best for one player may not be the best for another. For example, if you are a blackjack player you would want to look at online casinos that are more tailored to blackjack rather than one that has centered itself around online slots.

There are a few factors that players must examine if they want to find the best online casino for them: licensing, bonuses, deposit options, customer support and game offerings. Continue reading…

Slot Machine Jackpot Prize

Anyone can play online slots because this one very popular casino game does not require skills to play and win. All one has to do is read the basic rules of a particular slot game, make the bet, press the corresponding button and wait for the results. Winning may be deemed easy as there is no need to strategize in order to win. Luck, patience, and enough bankroll are all one need to win this game.

Free Bonus in Slots

Most online casinos offer free slots to attract players. Newly registered players of online casinos are also offered slots with free bonus on top of possible deposit bonus and welcome bonus. Hitting the jackpot may seem unlikely if winning largely depends on luck and not on skills. However, there are tens of thousands of “lucky” slot players that hitting the jackpot is possible. To date, countless lives have been affected through those who have hit over the USD 1M mark in slots.

The winning combo in all slot games is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This can never be tweaked in favor of a player but, there are some important tips on how to increase one’s chances in winning in slots. Continue reading…

How to make Your Casino Night out Last Longer

A night out at the casino is a great way of getting together with some friends to let off some steam. Of course, not everyone has a lot of cash to spend, so spending too much, too quickly can cut your night short if you aren’t careful. Here, we have put together some tips on how you can make your casino night last longer. Keep reading to find out how to stretch your budget.

Join The VIP Club

Our final tip for those who want to make their casino night last longer is to join the VIP club in the casino. These clubs come with many benefits and if you are a regular visitor to the casino you might be able to rack up points and use them to keep playing for longer. Some casinos also offer some bonuses for new members to the club so consider this on your next trip if you want to stretch your budget a little, online casino websites generally offer a VIP club or loyalty scheme too. Continue reading…

The most luxurious and breath taking casino resorts on the map

Ever thought about ditching the hustle and bustle of everyday life and heading somewhere beautiful for a few weeks? Can’t bear waiting until the summer months? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, instead of spending a fortune on a fancy restaurant, overpriced roses and a life sized teddy bear, why not take that holiday you’ve been long overdue and travel somewhere you’ve never been!

We’ve teamed up with the experts over at online casino operator Vegas Luck to bring you this fantastic run down of some of the most luxurious and breath taking casino resorts on the map! Why not take the leap and head to Marina Bay Sands in beautiful Singapore? This resort boasts the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world, offering incredible views over Singapore. And when you’ve both had enough of relaxing pool-side, try your luck in the resort’s ultra-sleek casino. You’ll find exclusive high-limit tables and over 2,300 slot machines to choose from. Continue reading…

Betting with BV: a brief look at BetVictor new customer offers

Whether you’re more interested in the excitement which comes with betting on horse racing, or if you like to capitalise on the extensive coverage of football, BetVictor make it possible to place bets on any sport while taking a competitive price. They’ve grown through the ranks over the years and now stand as the most favourable option when it comes to securing the biggest odds on most markets, and they even make it possible to sign up in an interesting way, enticing more customers than some of their competitors.

Different methods of joining BetVictor

Often changing throughout the year, BetVictor are always pushing to supply potential customers with a welcome bonus that makes it worth using them ahead of other favourable alternatives. You’ll be offered the chance to use one of several offers on BetVictor for new customer as you join, with it either leading to a number of free bets or occasionally allowing you to receive a limited enhanced offer on a major sporting event. Continue reading…

3 Rookie Mistakes to avoid in Roulette

Is there a game more classically casino than roulette? The sheer thrill of placing some bets and seeing where the wheel stops, betting everything on red or black is something we can all understand. But if you want to start playing roulette a little more seriously and to try and adjust the odds more in your favour and give your gameplay a bit of a boost, make sure you don’t fall for these rookie mistakes. And once you’ve had a read, have a go at testing out your new-found skills at

Mistake 1: Not playing a game with the lowest house edge

The house edge for roulette isn’t static, it varies depending on what you bet on and (most importantly) on what game you’re playing. If you’re given a choice of European or American roulette, you should always opt for the European version. The difference may seem minor but the 00 tile has a profound effect on both your odds and the house edge. Under normal circumstances, you can work out your odds as the number of slots that you can win in as 37, but with a double zero tile as well, the total becomes 38 while the number of winning tiles stays the same. Continue reading…

First step into a Casino

Did you know, most Casinos kindly provide their guests with soft drinks such as free soda or coffee whilst they’re gaming to keep them motivated? No, us neither! However, you’ll have to pay for the hard stuff, and definitely remember to tip your waiter or waitress! These are the kind of things not everyone knows when they first step into a Casino, and nobody wants to be making enemies on their first trip.

Thanks to inspiration from the following game,, we’ve created this little guide. Let us know if you learnt anything new about Casinos! Be sure to share it with your friends too! Continue reading…

Guide to Pariplay Casinos

Pariplay is a casino platform that specializes in fixed odds games such as scratches and instant win. The company is registered in the Isle of Man and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Commision. All the games produced by Pariplay including their slots are based on a fixed odds model which makes Pariplay quite unique in the world of iGaming – if you’d like to learn more about these games, try this out.

Pariplay’s platform can be utilized along with other platforms. In the past, casinos worked on a single provider or platform – however, times have changed since then, so it’s quite common for online casinos today to utilize a few platforms for their games. This isn’t an easy task, but thanks to Pariplay’s unique API’s, providers can integrate several platforms with ease. Continue reading…

Advanced Blackjack Strategy – Five Tips That Win

Once you know how to count cards in blackjack you are ready for advanced strategy, where the basic rules of blackjack no longer apply. The following five tips are used by the best card counters in blackjack, and now you too can use their closely guarded blackjack strategies to win! Check out for best online casinos and bonuses!

Play #1

There Is A Time And A Place For Insurance.
When the dealer is showing an Ace we generally avoid taking insurance because more often than not this decision costs money. But if you’re a card counter and you know that the deck is very positive (lots of 10s left) it becomes a profitable play to take insurance!

If the count is +4 or higher you should take insurance against that pesky Ace

Play #2

When To Stand With The Dreaded 16.
Those blackjack players with a rudimentary knowledge of the game know that they have to hit when face with a total of 16 against the dealer if the dealer is showing anything from 7 to an A as the upcard. But what they don’t know is that when the count is positive, even if there is only 1 more 10 card left than normal (when the count is 0), you should stand on 16 against a dealers 10! The statistics do not lie – this is a more profitable play than taking a card, which has a higher likelihood of being a 10 and busting you. Continue reading…

Why So Many People Play Online Slots

Why play online slots when table games have a lower house edge?

People like playing online slots for numerous reasons, but there is really one main reason. Slots are the only online casino games where one small bet can change your life forever. Table games like roulette and craps that have no progressive jackpot don’t offer the chance of winning a big jackpot on a single bet. You simply don’t hear about people winning a million bucks playing blackjack. However, many online slots millionaires have been made, and even more at land casinos. Check out ThumbsUpBonus where you can find information about different casinos and of course the best bonuses for all slot lovers out there!

So why do players keep playing all types of slots, even if they know the house edge is worse?

Let’s take an example of a $500,000 progressive jackpot, which could be won with a $1 bet. If the particular game has a 90% payback rate, the house edge is 10%. For the sake of this example, 1% is contributed towards the progressive jackpot. The odds of winning are 50,000,000 to 1, considering that the jackpot is one hundredth of the payback. So if the machine is spun about 1 million times a year, the casino can expect to pay the jackpot about every six months. Continue reading…

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