Over the past decade or so, mobile has quickly grown to become the most popular gaming platform in the world, boasting billions of active players across a much wider demographic and audience than any other platform. It’s no surprise then that at the core of this platform, more casual and easily accessible gaming options have risen to become the most favourite, and online casinos for many have been the heart of this growth as more sites than ever before are available – but what is it about online casinos that have helped them grow as quickly as they have?

Changing audience most interested in these games – The biggest factor may just be the type of people playing these games – in the early days of gaming, it was something primarily aimed at younger teen males, but this has drastically changed as an older audience are turning to online options at an increasing rate and platforms like casinos are amongst their favourite to play. Having disposable income and the accessibility to play whenever the mood takes them, online casinos have become a great choice and is echoed through the growth as online casinos became the most played mobile games throughout 2020.

Accessibility has been key too – It isn’t just about the audience themselves, but also about the way these players can access the biggest games. Not every player is fortunate enough to have a brick-and-mortar casino locally that they can go and play at, but every player with a phone can simply tap an app or website open and get playing – this has been essential in the transition particularly over the past two years where brick and mortar locations have went through periods of time of closure and uncertainty around reopening too, these online options have always remained available without delay.

By Maya