If you enjoy playing poker, then it is likely that you will also enjoy playing online as well. The main problem with playing online though is choosing which site to play on. There are many different sites to choose from, each with different features, different design, different atmosphere and different prices. It can be quite difficult to tell, just from looking at the various websites, what it might be like to play on the sites.

A lot of sites let you play some games for free. This will start to give you an idea of what it might be like to use the site. However, this can be pretty time consuming. It is better to start by reducing the number of sites that you have to choose from. If you only have a couple to try out things can be a lot easier.

It can be a good idea to therefore read some reviews of sites first. This does not even give you the best idea of what a site is like, because it is peoples personal opinions. However, they may make comments which appeal to you. If they pick fault with an aspect of the site which you feel you would not like either or if they say something good about it, which you feel sounds good too, then it can help you to identify which sites sound good and which do not. Look at a variety of review websites too, as you may find that a site ranks high on one, but not on another.

By looking at these reviews, you should be able to make a short list of a few sites that you can try out. Then you can compare them and decide which one you like. However, try to stay aware of new sites and changes to current sites as you may find you want to change to another one after a while.

By Maya