One theme that we see time and time again with newcomers to the world of online casino action is that they always dream of making online plays but they never follow through with it. They hear about big jackpots, huge communities, great forums, great players, satellite competitions and everything else…but they just won’t dive in.

How many times are you going to let the guys and girls on poker TV shows have all of the fun? Did you know that many of the great poker legends playing on the circuit today have played online and taken down dozens, if not hundreds of tables?

That could be you, if you had some guts. But we know what you’re thinking: how do you know it’s safe? How do you know that you’re going to have a good time?


This is where you need to check into doing some research, or try our method: let someone else do the heavy lifting. Meet our friends at Odds and Evens, who take care of the guesswork so you can get back into putting your bankroll where your mouth is. Don’t just brag to your friends about your gambling skills, go online and prove it!

Now, can you stay with free action? Sure. We’re sure that there are plenty of social media games that have poker rooms. But here’s the secret about “funbook” play: it’s very loose with very few skilled players. Since the money’s fake, why would anyone really go head to head? You’ll see lots of donkey moves, done for giggles.

That’s not the place for you, and deep down…you know it.

So go ahead and check out the reviews at Odds and Evens. You’ll be hearing about real casinos, with real regulations. Yes, regulations are a good thing, because those policies are in place to keep you safe. The casinos want to play by the rules so they can keep the doors open and keep welcoming in new players.

Speaking of welcomes, you can hear about a lot of new casino promotions flying around. We really don’t write about those because these deals are often limited time and they can change rapidly. We’d have to spend more time updating the same articles over and over instead of giving you the scoop. And really, what fun would that be? We’d rather give you the inside angle on all of the fun casino games. Have fun — after all, you really only live once, right? 🙂

By Maya