Gambling is popular all over the world, but Asia seems to be the play they love it, arguably more than anywhere else. The high roller Asian playing at the casinos is the typical stereotype players associated with high stakes gambling action. This is regularly attested to in Hollywood movies too. But why is gambling popular in Asia? We’ll explore a few reasons in this article.

Culture and Traditions

Most Asian countries have a strong sense and history associated with philosophy and fortune. An illustration of this is demonstrated when you to a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal, you are presented with a fortune cookie. Inside it you are given a concise statement that details your future. This is a custom not found in other cultures and is a small reference to the place fortune holds in Asian culture and tradition.  Some Asian culture points to being lucky as a sign of being blessed.

Gambling is a Social Event

At its heart, gambling is a social event and people like people. They will take vacations at casino resorts like Macau, Las Vegas or Monaco to gamble and have fun. Gambling is a national tongue. You don’t have to speak the local language to play blackjack, craps or online games 3 king game or online slots.  A facial expression or a laugh is all you need to get by and tipping will make you good friends with casino staff. Let’s also remember that many successful businessmen own takeaways that finish late so many Asian people will go to the casino after a late shift. Some are there to gamble and win but a lot are there for good gamble and pleasurable end to their day.

Asia is Massive

It’s worth pointing out that Asia is a large continent. It’s home to over 4 billion people. So, of course, there are going to be a lot of people that enjoy gambling. Not all the Asian nations are big supporters of gambling. Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore take a tough stance on gambling, particularly with online casinos. Indonesia is probably the strictest Asian country when it comes to gambling laws. This is largely due to religious reasons as it is an Islamic country which holds gambling in low regard.

There you have it, Asian gambling in a nutshell. If you are travelling to Asia in the future, I recommend you familiarise yourself with the regulations and gambling laws first.

By Maya