Slots. They’re the most popular games in a mobile casino and probably the most fun to play. Certainly modern slot games can draw you in with bonus games, fantastic graphics and themes designed around the latest movies.  But how do you go about finding these fantastic slot games and more importantly, finding them somewhere where you can play them.

The first thing most of us do these days when looking for information on the internet is to try a search engine such as Google.  These have become the modern method of finding anything. Science has shown that our brains have even stopped trying to remember information if it knows we can find it on Google. (It’s true. Google it.)

Now search engines are a great way of finding information, but there is one little catch – you have to have some idea of what you’re searching for. In fact, to get the best results, you have to be fairly specific about what you’re looking for. If you want the Lord of the Rings slot and search for Lord of the Rings Slot, you’ll do fine. But try searching on “Fantasy Slot Games” and you won’t get Lord of the Rings slots back as an answer. Try it. Then try searching on Fantasy books. Guess what, Tolkien and his books are right there at the top. Search engines just don’t always think the way we do.

That’s why I try to bookmark a few sites and blogs out there that I know will cover slot games. Then when I’m looking for new slot games, I can drop in and read what they’ve been up to lately. Sometimes they help me find games that I would never have thought to search for.  Of course, if I know the slot game I’m looking for, well, Google can be your best friend.

By Maya