Think of casinos and you will think of money. For a lot of people, a casino is not only a source of entertainment but a source of income as well. And for those of you who cannot go to the brick-and-mortar casinos, you have online casinos, which have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. In gambling, people are always trying to come up with methods to maximize their winnings and some of them have been successful as well. Counting cards is perhaps the most famous amongst these methods. However, card counting is not allowed in most of the casinos. But, while playing online you can employ another method called bonus whoring to earn a profit.

Bonus whoring makes use of the fact that most of the sites offer some sort of a deposit or no-deposit bonus to lure more players to their casinos. When a person is bonus whoring, he makes use of these bonuses from multiple casinos and makes a profit for himself.

Bonus Whoring

How does bonus whoring work

Bonus whoring or casino whoring, as it is often called, is an attempt by players to exploit the initial deposit or welcome bonuses offered by casinos. While doing so, players try to minimize their losses by playing a game with little risk and end up making a profit. Here is an explanation on how this is done.

  • Most of the online casino sites out there are trying to attract more players. The best way to attract players is by offering them money.
  • You will find that sites offer different types of bonuses like no-deposit bonuses, matching bonuses and welcome bonuses. There might be sites which offer more than one of these bonuses. However, while they offer a good amount of money as bonus, they also pose some restrictions on this money.
  • Mostly, the restrictions require you to play a minimum number of raked hands or bet a minimum amount before¬†you can lay your hands upon the bonus amount.
  • A player who is bonus whoring goes to casinos that offer these bonuses, signs up, and completes the stipulations for getting the bonus without incurring a heavy loss.
  • As soon as he can access the bonus amount, he withdraws the money and moves on to the next casino.

This is not a foolproof method, but it has worked for a lot of players.

Restrictions imposed by casinos

Wagering requirement, or simply called WR, is one of the most popular methods of imposing a restriction on the players. It requires the player to bet a certain amount, usually a multiple of the bonus amount, before he can withdraw the bonus. Generally, this is around 25 times the bonus amount for all the casino games and poker games. So, if you were given a bonus of say $100 then you will have to bet a total of $2500 in most casinos, for poker and casino games, before you can access the bonus amount. For bingo, this multiple is usually twice the bonus amount.

When it comes to poker games, a lot of casinos impose a restriction in terms of the number of raked hands. A casino might say that you can have the bonus amount only after playing 500 raked hands. To understand this restriction you need to know what a raked hand is. On every winning, the casino keeps a certain amount, usually around 5%, as commission. If this commission is over a particular amount, only then it is called as a raked hand. As not all the hands you play will be raked hands, you need to check the table limits before starting the game.

Strategies and tips

If you want to earn a handsome profit via casino whoring, you need to understand that it requires a sound strategy. Simply joining casinos and trying to complete the stipulations will not ensure you a profit. More often than not, you will lose all your cash before even finishing the casino requirements. So here are a few tips which will help you optimize the bonus whoring strategy.

  • To fulfill the requirements, go for the game with the lowest house edge. This means that trying to fulfill the wagering requirements by playing a game like real money blackjack, which has a house edge of less than 1%, would be more beneficial for you. Also, it is not advisable to put your money into real money slot games, which have a house edge of about 5%.
  • For example, let us suppose that you get a 100% matching bonus on your deposit up to a limit of $100. The wagering requirement is 25 times the bonus amount, which means that you have to place bets worth $2500 before you get the bonus amount. So in a game like blackjack, where the house edge is less than 1 percent, you stand a chance of losing only $25 when you spend an amount of $2500. Considering you got a bonus of $100 and you lost $25, you end up making a profit of $75. But if you had played slots, at a house edge of 5%, you would have lost $125 from your $2500, and would have made a loss of $25.

Bonus whoring does not guarantee you a profit. And even if you do get a profit, it might not be as large as what you get if you win regularly in a casino. However, if you are on a small bankroll and look to make a quick profit, then bonus whoring is definitely meant for you.


By Maya