Getting into video poker is a decision that you really won’t regret. Instead of thinking that you have nothing else to do in the gambling world, why not try to broaden your horizons a little bit? We like video poker because it’s straightforward. Anybody can get into it, it’s not that difficult, there’s a low house edge, and the possibility of some big wins.

You are going to be playing alone. If you’re tired of the social grind, then video poker is definitely for you. Video poker has some nice pay tables and you still qualify for the same rewards as players that go into other casino games that can be played at online UK casinos. This time around though, you can really do some big things on your own. Let’s cover the subject a little wide and then go into variations later.

Video poker is usually played with just one 52 card deck. You can have joker wild games, which will have at least one joker in the deck, but usually more than that.

After you make a bet, you usually have to press the deal button. The game is going to give you five cards at random from the deck. From here, you choose which ones you’ll keep, and which ones you’ll toss back. The game will replace the ones you tossed back with new ones that are randomly chosen from the remaining deck. Once you make your hand, you’re paid out according to the pay table.

Now then, this isn’t rocket science, right? You figure out what’s going to make the best hand. If you don’t throw something back and you only end up with a lowly pair, guess what? You’re clearly going to be leaving some money on the table.

Defining strategy starts with looking at the different variations. There’s Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, 8/5 Bonus, 10/7 Double Bonus, 9/6 Double Double Bonus, Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe — the list goes on.

So make sure that you figure out which variation you’re going to play. You also want to look carefully at the return tables for each and every game that you play. They aren’t equal across the board. We promise that we’re not just pulling your leg here. Study right, or lose money. It’s really that simple. Good luck — and stay tuned. We’re definitely not done with Video Poker just yet.

By Maya