Over the past few years, online casinos have been able to see a lot of change as player numbers have continued to increase and pulling a lot more attention to the genre – but the increasing player numbers have also brought negative attention too and changes have been pushed on to many online services in order to either restrict player participation options through initiatives such as Gamstop, or even limit how much players can play, this has led to many unique features to online casinos that make them more accessible for players.

Alternative payment methods – Earlier this year, there had been a ban in the UK for all credit card deposits related to gambling, but over the past few years online casinos have been implementing different methods for alternative payment to ensure changes like this don’t impact their users. Amongst the most popular recently has been with crypto deposits as the biggest cryptos are accepted, but as many operators also choose to register their services outside of many of these regulation countries a lot of the restrictions put in place are avoided anyway – but if you don’t have a choice, there are options away from traditional payment such as credit card.

(Image from islandecho.co.uk)

No verification casinos – The value of anonymity and quick access is continuing to go up, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed, particularly as efforts have been made to seek players who register out to encourage them to not play, and that is where the rise of no verification casinos at TBC and similar sites has been so popular. Players can join a new site without all of the documentation and extra steps needed and are able to quickly access the games they’d like to play without filling to many steps needed.

A variety of play options – Whilst offline and traditional locations restrict you to playing one game at a time, online casinos have developed enough to allow players to play multiple titles at the same time. You can participate in slots, roulette, and a card game all at the same time for example without needing to jump out of the others, and these multi-play options will likely remain unique to online casinos for the foreseeable future as logistically it may not ever be possible in an offline environment. This is certainly exciting for primarily online players, but also provides a great selling point to those on the fence around whether or not they’ll make the transition and open up a host of new opportunities for those who haven’t tried it out before.

There will certainly be other big changes on the way too exclusive to online casinos such as the expected arrival of virtual reality and more multiplayer focussed games in the near future – despite the more difficult changes to overcome there are plenty of positives that have come alongside it and there are a growing number of exciting options for online play, all it takes is knowing what to look for whilst identifying your own online gaming needs, and taking advantage of what is offered to you.

By Maya