The slot machine has been a favorite game of casino patrons for several years. The game of slots is synonymous with casinos and online gambling. Since online gambling took off, several slots gaming sites have sprung up. Each of these sites offer a slots bonus for signing up. With so many deals to choose from, it can be hard for a player to find the best casino bonuses and free slot spin offers in the UK. Luckily, there are few things a player can look for to determine how good a slots bonus will be. There are several different ways for a player to earn a slots bonus at an online casino.

Find the Best Mobile, iPhone and Android Slots Bonuses

Because each slots bonus comes with a set requirement in order to clear it, players should be choosey about which bonuses they accept. In many cases it may be worth it to the player to accept a slots bonus for less money if it can be cleared in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes it can be in a player’s best interest to go for a slots bonus that uses a point system to clear the bonus. This is because players can often get back at least a part of the bonus if not the whole thing. At many casinos, a player’s slots bonus points will not expire after the bonus clearance period is over, meaning that players can still use the points to receive rewards in other casino promotions.

Slots Bonuses

Online Slots Signup Bonus

The most popular slots bonuses are the ones that the casino awards to new players simply for signing up for an account. When players make a real money account at an online slots web site, they are often eligible for additional money to start out with. There are two ways for players to get their signup slots bonus: they can obtain it automatically upon their first real money transaction with the casino or they can enter a coupon code at the time of their first deposit.

Slots Reload Bonuses

Slots players know that their accounts can dry up after playing for awhile. Luckily, the casinos know this and award players with bonus money when they reload funds into their casino account. Much like the signup bonus, this may be awarded either instantly when players make a deposit or via a coupon code that is entered when players make the transaction. Either way it represents a good bonus for players to take advantage of.

Refer a Friend Slots Bonus

Gambling is a social event and friends often visit casinos to play together. Online casinos try to incorporate this factor into their web sites by giving incentives to players who refer a friend. When a player refers a friend and the friend makes a real money deposit, they will both receive a bonus. In addition, the friend can also receive the signup bonus promotion that the casino offers to all new players. This is a good way for new players to get an extra bonus when they register for an account.

Payment Method Slots Bonuses

Players who use a casino’s preferred payment option can receive a bonus on every deposit made using that method. Often times, these are the most popular payment options at the casino because additional bonuses can be accrued over and over again as long as the player continues to use the payment option.

How To Clear Online Slots Bonuses

Even though a player may earn a slots bonus from the casino, there is usually a limit as to when the player may access their money. The casino may block a player from being able to use their bonus money until certain conditions are met. Also, a casino may let a player use their bonus money immediately but prevent them from withdrawing any winnings until conditions are met.

There are two ways that a bonus may be cleared. Wagering requirements are the most frequently used form of clearance requirements. Casinos that use wagering requirements mandate that players must wager either the amount of the bonus or the amount they deposited a certain amount of times. The amount of times this must be wagered will be decided by the casino. There is often a time limit in which a player must clear this type of requirement.

A bonus point system is another way that casinos let players clear their bonus requirements. Every time a player makes a real money wager in a slots game, he or she will receive a certain amount of bonus points. When a player accumulates a certain amount of points, he or she will receive a portion of the bonus money. There is also a time limit for this type of  bonus clearance requirement.

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