There are many people who already bet on the lottery. Many countries have their own national lottery some having weekly draws and many having a combination of draws taking place every day or weekly. It can be a great way to have fun and try to win some cash prizes. There are bigger lotteries too such as the Euro Millions lottery.

The Euro Millions has a much bigger prize fund. This is because the tickets are sold all over Europe. Because more people buy tickets, then more people contribute to the prize fund. The jackpot prize is also often a lot bigger than that countries lottery. In the UK, for example, the Euro Millions jackpot tends to be bigger than the national lottery prize, but the tickets are more expensive to buy. You also have to match more numbers in order to win a prize.

However, with the Euro Millions draw, you can pay to have you numbers entered in a UK only draw as well. This means that even if you do not win a prize on the Euro Millions, you have a second chance of winning a smaller prize.

Many people like the idea of winning a bigger prize. They are not so bothered if they do not win a small prize, but would like the jackpot to be bigger. If this is the case with you, then perhaps Euro Millions will be for you. It is worth looking in to because the odds are different to that on the National Lottery and so it could be better.

You can play online or in participating high street shops and Post Offices. The tickets can be bought in the same way as National Lottery tickets and therefore it is very straightforward. Just pick the six numbers you want to enter in the draw, fill out the slip and hand to the cashier or you can just type them in on line and pay on your credit card. Simple and fun!

By Maya