Online Bingo’s Fine Print

If you play bingo online, you are mostly attracted to loads of sizzling free bingo bonus offers or discovering new bingo sites that offer very attractive free bonuses. Today, due to fierce competition amongst UK bingo operators, you’re sure to stumble across tons of free bonuses and along with no deposit bingo deals.

However, many players are fast becoming disappointed with these deals as the sites they’ve joined up usually have fine print that’s not always clear or doesn’t stand out over the flash free offer.

To ensure you’re not disappointed, here are a couple of valuable tips to keep you safe and having fun.

  1. Don’t skip the fine print
  2. An alternative sign up strategy that can give you even more bonus while meeting the rules of your bingo site
  3. Be sure to understand the withdrawal rules

The fine print in Free Bingo Bonuses

It’s very difficult for an online bingo site to offer free no deposit bingo bonuses without some restriction. Since all bingo sites are in business to make a profit, there’s always a requirement or restriction with no deposit bingo offers.

The purpose of a no deposit bingo bonus is first to allow you to test try a bingo site prior to making a deposit. It’s not offered for you to win a bingo game and cash out before making a deposit.

play bingo online

So be sure to read the fine print – any site that offers no deposit bingo offers requires their members to make an initial deposit prior to any winnings.

Valuable Strategy  

Here’s a sound strategy to ensure you get the maximum bonus and perk from a site that is giving you an attractive no deposit bingo offer:

  1. Sign Up
  2. BUT before you wager your free trial bonus, make the minimum deposit required.
  3. This way you get a free welcome bonus + no deposit bingo offer + your initial deposit
  4. And best of all, you qualify for a withdrawal should you be lucky enough to bingo on a juicy pot

What are the Payout Rules?

There’s another surprise that tends to disappoint players, specially newbies to the world of online bingo and that is the minimum withdrawal rule. Sure you can deposit as low as £5 on some bingo sites but the minimum withdrawal on most sites are around £30.

Traditionally bingo sites who offer very attractive free bonuses tend to even have a higher minimum withdrawal limit.

To ensure you’re not disappointed and are not mislead by an attractive offer, please take one to three minutes to carefully review the bingo sites withdrawal policy as this will save you money, headache and tons of time.

There you have it, to get the most from a new bingo site you’ve signed up be sure to:

  1. Read the fine print
  2. Make an initial deposit before playing your no deposit bingo offer
  3. Take a few minutes to review the site’s withdrawal policy

If you follow the above three best practices, you’re sure to save yourself tons of time, money and headache.

Bingo is intended to be a fun filled experience and the last thing you want is to feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. Our recommendation is to check out for best online bingo at landmarkbingo as they offer generous bonuses and an amazing platform to play your next bingo game at. Have fun!!

Free Online Bingo Sites are Everywhere

The only way online and mobile bingo could get any better is if you’re able to play along for free. Luckily, some sites offer just this, giving players the chance to get their bingo fix whenever and wherever they are.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but free bingo sites do exist. These are bingo brands that offer players bonus cash just for signing up; giving them the chance to play games and explore all the site has to offer for free. The amount given as a no deposit bonus can range from anywhere between £5 up to as much as £20 on more generous sites. Particularly lucky players can find themselves winning with the no deposit cash and continue to bankroll their bingo games on the back of the bonus cash.

No deposit bonuses are just the beginning though as a lot of sites also offer free bingo games to both funded and non-funded players. Because funded players may get access to free bingo that offers a cash prize. Non-funded players often play free games with little or no prize money, or which offer free tickets and loyalty points as a prize instead.

Free Online Bingo

Mummies Bingo is one of many free bingo sites, which offers great free bingo, games to players. You can start off your journey on the site with a £15 no deposit bonus just for creating an account and adding your card at Then once you’ve sampled some of the bingo and slots for free, you can take part in more free bingo games and tournaments.

Players will need to check the bingo lobby regularly to find out when the next games are taking place and what type of bingo they’ll be playing. After all this site offers everything from 90-ball bingo to 30 ball games.

How do you rate mobile casinos for Android and IOS devices?

The gloves are off, the bell has rung and online casinos are knocking ten tonnes out of each other as they race to become the world champion of the growing sport that is mobile cash gaming. 2015 will be significant in this industry so what about slot review sites and portals that will rate them for players. How do you go about recommending a mobile casino for Android or IOS devices, how do you know what’s good on the iPad or iPhone, what makes a great smartphone slots and games app. These are just some of the questions floating about the player spectrum as real money enthusiasts prepare to test the new frontier of on the go gaming. In joining the movement, we met up with top online slots profiler Slotsquad to see what makes a quality mobile casino in 2015.

It seems games delivery is first on the agenda for the team at the Squad as they place visual capacity and display capability as a top priority. Using the latest Apple IOS devices and a wide range of smartphones and tablets powered by Android, Slotsquad go about their daily business as they scrutinise casino games and slots optimised for mobile. Chief Editor James said, “credible gaming software should be fully capable of using every pixel and part of the display”. Further comments included gameplay and performance, app size and why weighty mobile casinos will find their existence short lived. If listening to the Slotsquad front man is anything to go by, then it seems looks play an important role when it comes to real money betting on your smartphone.

mobile casinos for Android and IOS

Other important factors for rating mobile casinos included games variety, bonus valuation and long term player rewards. Adam Dale, one of Slotsquad’s leading review experts, said, “this information allows us to paint a vivid picture of the product, but one we know is good or bad from just looking”. Whilst it remains elusive how the Squad finalises their merits for their mobile casino ratings, we’ve gained some true insight into how they begin this process. If it looks good on your iPad or iPhone, has an above average games collection, offers a reputable welcome bonus and looks after players long after registration. Then it’s most likely been considered by these guys, for some top rated mobile slots and games why not visit to see the most popular casino apps of the moment.

Behold – You Can Play Casino Games on Your Mobile

One of the best benefits to the online gambling world is that you don’t have to go anywhere special in order to enjoy it. Yes, that’s right — if you want to get into all of the casino action, all you really need to do is log onto the site from the laptop or desktop. You have everything right at your fingertips. You can have as much fun as you want and no one will really be the wiser. You don’t have to explain your gambling habits to anyone either. If you had multiple trips to the local land based casino that might become a different story entirely.

What needs to happen here is that you must make sure that you’re thinking about the bigger picture. For example, what if you really wanted to go out of the house? Being able to play the slots in your underwear can be a good time, but there are cases where you want to go out and about. You never know — you might want to make a little extra money on the side in the morning and then roam the neighborhood mall after you’re finished. There’s nothing like being able to control your time, and that’s what this is about as well. Why should the land based casinos get to own everyone’s time? Today, you have options — you can play online casino games on your mobile via

mobile casino games


If you’re a new customer, don’t forget that you’ll have bonuses. But even if you join the network you’re still going to be rewarded for being there. Loyalty is a powerful asset in the gambling world, and casinos want loyal players. They want to know that you’re definitely willing to go out and have a good time. They want to make sure that you’re going to enjoy playing casino games as much as possible, which is why they’re always trying to get you to do things to come in. Entertainment is a big thing, and there’s nothing wrong with truly wanting to make sure that you don’t have to be bored. If anything, boredom is the supreme enemy. Anything that we can do to get rid of boredom once and for all is definitely something that we have to attack sooner or later.

So, where do you stand? Are you going to take the leap and play online slot on your mobile phone? There’s really only one way to find out!

Bingo Facts

Bingo is not just a game, it’s a cultural icon. Bingo has been played, in one form or another, for nearly five centuries. In the UK, Bingo is a way of life; home to hundreds if not thousands of Bingo Halls. In fact, Bingo has become the top ranking pastime in all of the United Kingdom. In North America, Bingo is not just an occasional pastime, but the number one way to raise funds across the United States; usually associated with religious institutions. Churches in just about every city of the United States hold charity Bingo games each and every week.

What started out as a fad in the early 20th century has evolved into one of the most beloved, well known games in the entire world. Whether it’s the 75-Ball Bingo, 90-Ball Bingo, or the latest craze, 80-Ball Bingo, you would be hard pressed to find anyone (over the age of 4) who hasn’t played, or at least heard of the game of Bingo.

With so many Bingo fans out there, we thought it would be interesting to see how many Bingo fun facts we could drudge up. So here they are – the top 20 Fun Facts about Bingo!

Bingo Facts

1. The game of Bingo came from a Lottery style game played in Italy dating as far back as 1530 – “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. To this day, the game is played Saturday, with proceeds going to fund a large portion of the government’s budget, estimated at 75 million per year.

2. Bingo, as we know it today, was discovered by New York toy manufacturer Edwin S. Lowe in 1929 while attending a carnival outside of Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, the game was termed “Beano” for its use of dried beans to cover numbers on the cards.

3. “Beano” got its new name, “Bingo”, when one of Edwin Lowe’s friends became overly excited, jumping up and mistakenly shouting “Bingo!” The name stuck, and has been Bingo ever since.

4. Bingo is beloved by 7.5% of the earth’s population.

5. Twice as many women love to play Bingo than men – 10% of all women, 5% of all men. If you add 10% and 5% and divide by 2, you get Bingo Fun Fact #4

6. About 30% of Bingo fans are younger than 35 years of age, dispelling the myth that only seniors like to play Bingo.

7. The game of Bingo is the number one source of community fund raising across all of North America. Continue reading…

Wherever you go, GoWin

GoWin Casino has burst out of the block in some style. Only launching just under 2 months ago its smiling logo has everyone that’s seen it smile from ear to ear. GoWin brings the rush and immediacy of the real world casino experience to the palm of the users hand and it does this with much panache.

Being completely new to the mobile and slots market Gowin is wonderfully placed to make great strides within the current malaise. Using the latest Nektan software GoWin’s strength is in its power and speed. Games run buttery smooth on any device be it Blackjack, the new Roulette game and many other super slots.

Graphical prowess

Graphically, GoWin Casino is a marvel. You should really visit this site right now and by using and harnessing the power of today’s modern mobile devices GoWin has made the modern mobile casino the envy of many in the gaming industry.

mobile slots

Of course it wouldn’t be a true mobile casino if it didn’t support the three main mobile phone operating devices so Android, Blackberry and IOS are all supported, of course.

New player treat

Before we discuss GoWins fabulous jackpots such as the £25,000 monster on Loaded P.I We should all take a quick look at the incredible welcome package available for new players – it’s a superb addition!

On sign up you’ll get £5 free no deposit bonus and then a massive £500 deposit bonus spread across the course of your 3 first deposits, ridiculous amounts!

Huge jackpots

Jackpots are what GoWin Casino is all about. Each and every day the jackpots get bigger and the stakes get higher, it’s such a rush when you win and already we’ve had winners who have savoured that winning feeling!

With bets starting from as little as one penny it’s little wonder why so many gamers have migrated to GoWin’s premium platform.

Keeping up appearances

Thankfully GoWin keeps its freshness and new feel thanks to its wonderfully simple clean design and looks and when you consider that the site is responsive you know the pedigree of this particular casino is well worth the investment of your precious time. If you are new to gaming or a seasoned veteran GoWin provides the professional, sleek and winning environment for you to prosper, a classic in the making.

These Jackpots Are Waiting for the Bold – Step Up to the Challenge!

Every time you play at a casino, you’re putting down real money in order to win even more real cash. But as you already know, not all casinos are created equal. You want to play somewhere that has a lot of action, with plenty of jackpots for you to check out. In our opinion, if you’re truly a jackpot hunter, you can’t ignore the offering from 888 casino.

We went over to look at some of the jackpots waiting for you. But you might wonder how you, a regular gambler, could win a massive jackpot.

These jackpots are progressive slot jackpots. This means that every time someone plays a slot game and doesn’t win, a little bit of that “loss” is poured into these huge jackpots. With so many virtual slot machines and so many players, it’s a given that the jackpots can really get huge in a short amount of time.

888 jackpot

As long as you register and play, you are eligible to win the 888 jackpot. If you hit the right symbols at your slot game of choice for the progressive payout, then you get it. The thrill is never knowing when that next pull could be the difference between regular life and being a rockstar!

The big progressive jackpot at 888casino right now is over 4.3 million dollars! Think about that number for a minute: just what could you do with 4.3 million dollars? Since people are still playing at the time this article was published, chances are good that the progressive payout will be even higher by the time you go over to the site to check it out. As a reminder, all of your gambling winnings online are for you to enjoy. There’s no one that’s going to tell you where to spend the money or how to spend the money. Everything is completely left in your hands.

If you can’t find any other reason to check out the jackpot, think of this: the online casino community allows plenty of chances to get to know other people. You can meet other casino players and see what games are interesting to them. We’ve discovered so many new slots thanks to all of the gambling friends that we’ve made over the years. Surely you’ll want to check out the big progressive jackpot yourself, right?

A good 888 casino jackpot doesn’t have to big to be impressive. Our favorites were the Millionaire Genie at 1.5 million (subject to go up by the time you check it out), and Chain Reactors at 2.42 million (again, subject to go up by the time you check it out).

Get in there and play. When you look at how much you stand to gain, can you really afford to sit on the sidelines forever?

Progressive Jackpots

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

We constantly hear of people, who win millions at pokie games. Some of them, we find out later, are passionate pokie devotees; others are beginners. It’s the stories of these lucky players, who win the mega-moolah that encourages people to bet and spin repeatedly. And these mega-moolah prizes they win are called “progressive jackpots.”

Progressive jackpots are classic or video pokie jackpots that increase by a small amount with every losing reel. Usually, multiple games are pooled together to form large progressive pokies jackpots. And since multiple players contribute to the progressive jackpot at the same time, its value grows much more quickly.

Pokie games that are linked to a progressive jackpot show the amount of the prize on a meter as a money value. A player can cash in on the big money only if they score a winning combination with the highest payoff reel, most commonly represented by three or five of the most valuable symbols (lemons, cherries, 7s, bars, etc). When players win pokie jackpots, the jackpots reset to a preset minimum level. Usually, only very few of the pokie games at a certain online casino are linked to a progressive jackpot.

Progressive pokies jackpots are some of the most motivating features that these games offer to players. The opportunity to win big can be quite lucrative. You can try your luck with progressive jackpots regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned player. While most pokie players tend to be short-term, small-amount winners, only those who win huge progressive jackpots or win a big amount and never play again can be considered long-term winners.

Progressive pokies jackpots

Winning Progressive Pokie Jackpots

With the risk of repeating ourselves here, we have to reiterate that you can’t predict the exact odds of winning one of these progressive jackpots. Regardless of whether you play classic or video pokie games that are connected to progressive pokie jackpots, each of your spins is programmed in a way that is unique and random at best. You can’t possibly calculate or figure out what the next spin would turn out, and that is, perhaps, the beauty of it. You just rely on your lucky stars.

The rush of hitting one of these prizes is much more intense than the excitement of winning one of the regular pokies jackpots. Therefore, people can easily get caught up in the game and chase their losses. As with any other pokies game, in order to have an enjoyable experience, you need to have your budget set and know when to move on from one game to the next.

Winning a progressive jackpot can make a huge difference in your finances and, subsequently, in your lifestyle. And since you can easily find online casinos that offer the opportunity to win one of these, you can transform your life at a click of a button without having to leaving the comfort of your home.

Mini Mobile Casino the latest site on the Mobile Casino Network

Day to day life is busier than ever in this day and age so it’s important to find a gaming provider that fits into your busy schedule. brings you all of the top games on the market directly onto your mobile device so you can get playing in just a few seconds.

The Mini Mobile Casino site is so fast and it doesn’t take long to log in and get playing, perfect if you only have a few free minutes. Their instant games will make sure that players can win big no matter how much time they have on their hands. The site is so clearly laid out that players can jump straight to the section they want to play on without wasting any time.

The advantage to mobile gaming is that you can get started in just a few taps whenever your schedule allows and Mini Mobile Casino definitely fits into any schedule. There’s no app for this site so you can just access the mobile optimised site by typing it into your existing browser, which is better for your device as it doesn’t get cluttered up with apps.

online scratch cards

This site isn’t just quick and easy to use; it also boasts a fantastic catalogue of different gambling games. There’s so much on offer for any player here so there’s no way that you won’t find a new game that you love to play. From classic games to online scratch cards and ones with winning twists this site could show you a new way of playing that you hadn’t previously considered. They even let new players sample their games with a £10 free play bonus that will allow players to game for free while still earning real cash.

There are so many cash boosting bonuses available on this site players will be gaming for free for a long time. They also have prize draws and raffles regularly so players might get something extra in their account from this great casino site.


Out of all the casinos games, craps is the one that gets the most screen time in movies. Everyone knows what craps looks like. There’s a table and some dice and everyone stands around the table frothing with excitement. The most iconic image people have in their minds when thinking about craps is when the shooter has a pretty girl blow on the dice for luck. The dice roll, a number is announced, and the table roars with excitement. Yet no one seems to know the rules of the game, how it is played, or even what it is exactly. Craps, in other words, is shrouded in mystery despite being one of the most famous games of all time.

Craps is very exciting and fun. It is social, involving, and actually quite easy to learn. It is well worth knowing how to play it this game because beside its fast pace and the excitement it offers, Craps also has some of the best odds in the house. There is only one other game that offers similar odds of winning—Blackjack. The difference between Craps and Blackjack, however, is that Craps doesn’t require you to memorize massive tables of data and playing patterns. Craps is just fun, breezy, and pays out just as much as Blackjack without learning any special techniques or betting patterns. It is no wonder, then, that for people who aren’t intimidated by the complicated looking table, Craps is the first (and often the only) destination at the casino.

Many of the casino games have long histories. Baccarat, for instance, comes from a game played by the French monarchy of the 15th century. Craps is even older than that and actually dates back to the Crusades, which happened in the 11th Century. Its original name was Crapaud, which means toad in French. Because dice were always played on the street, and during the time of the Crusades, this was no exception, people would crouch like toads. So the name of the game is a remnant of old slang used to describe dice players who lived and died one thousand years ago.

play Craps

The game has changed over the years, but its popularity has never flagged. Modern Craps dates back to the 19th century and is attributed to an interesting historical character named Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. He was a wealthy nobleman, politician, and noted playboy who lived in New Orleans. He was the president of the Louisiana Senate and a lover of games of hazard. He took it upon himself to bring the game from Europe to the Americas. The game he brought with him was slightly different from the Craps we know today. It allowed players to bet either with the shooter or against him. This made the game unprofitable for casinos until a man named John Winn (not related to the Wynn family), who recommended the addition of the Don’t Pass bet. This was the last changed made to the game of Craps and it is the one played today in all the casinos worldwide.

To new players, the Craps table appears to be extremely complicated. This turns off many players who are afraid of making uninformed wagers and losing their money. It is a shame, because appearances are only skin deep, and the game is not as complicated as it appears at first. The first thing to note is that the table is essentially a mirror image of itself on two sides. This is so that the entire range of wagers is available to all players around the table. It also has the unfortunate effect of making it appear as though there are many more betting options than there actually are. A few moments spent observing the game are enough to dispel the notion that the game is too complicated to learn. When compared to Blackjack, which has a low learning curve with gets exponentially steeper when learning to play, craps at first has a relatively steep learning curve, which quickly plateaus. Continue reading…