When To Slow-Play in MTTs

Slow-playing is one of the most effective, but at the same time most dangerous tricks of an experienced poker player. When employed properly, this trick allows the player to claim a large part of his opponent’s chips. However, a failed attempt could cost the player enough to make an impact on the entire game. Therefore, slow-playing should be used with caution and should not be abused. In this article, we will look at the conditions necessary for the successful application of slow-playing in multi-table tournaments.

slow play poker

Slow-playing is a style of playing the game in which the player is trying to force an opponent to bluff and/or invest his money in the pot. For example, such a player could make a small bet or simply passively respond to someone else’s aggression instead of actively playing his hand. Thus, the poker player is luring the opponent into the trap of trying to get the most value out of the pot. In such a case, slow-playing means resigning from protecting your hand: the player has to allow his opponent to cheaply move onto the next street, which in the end can allow the opponent to make a winning hand. Furthermore, slow-playing can be a disadvantageous alternative, as the opponent can simply refuse to add to the pot leaving the player with no significant profits.

In general, in order to attempt slow-playing with a high chance of success, as outlined by David Sklansky, the following conditions have to be met:

— The player must hold a very strong hand;
— The free card should help to ensure that the opponent hold the second-best combination;
— The free card should not threaten the position of the player attempting slow-play. The probability of the opponent making a winning combination must be negligibly small;
— The player must be sure that in case of aggression the rival would be force out of the hand. Consequently, slow-playing might bring more chips than big bets;
— The pot should not be too large. Continue reading…

What is Bonus Whoring?

Think of casinos and you will think of money. For a lot of people, a casino is not only a source of entertainment but a source of income as well. And for those of you who cannot go to the brick-and-mortar casinos, you have online casinos, which have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. In gambling, people are always trying to come up with methods to maximize their winnings and some of them have been successful as well. Counting cards is perhaps the most famous amongst these methods. However, card counting is not allowed in most of the casinos. But, while playing online you can employ another method called bonus whoring to earn a profit.

Bonus whoring makes use of the fact that most of the sites offer some sort of a deposit or no-deposit bonus to lure more players to their casinos. When a person is bonus whoring, he makes use of these bonuses from multiple casinos and makes a profit for himself.

Bonus Whoring

How does bonus whoring work

Bonus whoring or casino whoring, as it is often called, is an attempt by players to exploit the initial deposit or welcome bonuses offered by casinos. While doing so, players try to minimize their losses by playing a game with little risk and end up making a profit. Here is an explanation on how this is done. Continue reading…

The Most Profitable Starting Hands in Blackjack

If you’re looking to make back your money when you play a hand of Blackjack, it’s important that you use the best strategy possible in order to maximise your returns, although your best bet would be to use casino promotions to get the best results. Some of these hands are pretty uncommon too, the likelihood of getting two aces is very minor indeed but in the unlikely event you do get them then it’s an excellent time for you to split. If you split with two aces then you can double your stake with a hand that’s guaranteed not to go bust and has an excellent chance of beating the dealer twice over. Far more common is that your hand will equal 11 through some combination (a 9 and a 2, a 4 and a 7, etc) these are still useful but these are for when you double down. If you double down you’ll only get one more card out of the deck but, much like before, you can’t go bust so as long as your hand is strong enough you’re looking to make a good deal of cash out of your stake. We’ve broken down a few other hands that you need to keep an eye out for if you want maximum R.O.I Continue reading…

Casino Bonuses

One of the great advantages playing in an online casino are the bonuses. All casino`s use them in different ways and variations in order to lure you into becoming a player or to play more.

Bonuses always come with terms and conditions and in order to get the maximum benefit from the bonuses, you should be aware of, know and understand the relevant terms. The terms and conditions can vary significantly not only between the different casino`s, but also between the different bonuses and campaigns in the same casino.


Registration bonus is a bonus for new players. It is normally a few freespins or maybe a small amount of money that you get after you have gone through the registration form. The bonus gives you the opportunity to test out one or maybe two machines in the casino without making any deposits. Winnings might or might not have a wagering requirement.

The welcome bonus is also something made for new players. Often it is a combination of one or several cash bonuses / match bonuses and freespins. Example: “When you make your first deposit you get a 100% bonus up to €100 + 50 freespins on Starburst.”

Established players would normally not lack the opportunity to take part in campaigns with bonuses of different kind. The casinos might offer a fixed match bonus during different weekdays. Many also offer a VIP program where you, as a loyal player, get bonuses, cash back or freespins.

Especially in northern Europe they have developed a reputation of being hard core bonus hunters as can be seen from many of their sites specializing in casino bonuses.

This can be difficult to take advantage of as an outsider, but you can try.

The amount of bonuses online is high and it might be difficult to find the once that suits the best. If you would like to have a look at the casino bonuses in the north created by game providers like NetEnt, you should read nordencasino to help you make the right decision.

Your Adrenaline Rush is Waiting – Do You Dare Pursue It?

One theme that we see time and time again with newcomers to the world of online casino action is that they always dream of making online plays but they never follow through with it. They hear about big jackpots, huge communities, great forums, great players, satellite competitions and everything else…but they just won’t dive in.

How many times are you going to let the guys and girls on poker TV shows have all of the fun? Did you know that many of the great poker legends playing on the circuit today have played online and taken down dozens, if not hundreds of tables?

That could be you, if you had some guts. But we know what you’re thinking: how do you know it’s safe? How do you know that you’re going to have a good time?


This is where you need to check into doing some research, or try our method: let someone else do the heavy lifting. Meet our friends at Odds and Evens, who take care of the guesswork so you can get back into putting your bankroll where your mouth is. Don’t just brag to your friends about your gambling skills, go online and prove it!

Now, can you stay with free action? Sure. We’re sure that there are plenty of social media games that have poker rooms. But here’s the secret about “funbook” play: it’s very loose with very few skilled players. Since the money’s fake, why would anyone really go head to head? You’ll see lots of donkey moves, done for giggles. Continue reading…

Redflush Online Casino Is The Right Choice!

Many people find playing at an online casino just as enjoyable as playing at the real thing, perhaps even more so. The graphics and sounds that are used really help to create an authentic casino experience. If you are unsure which online casino to try out, then Redflush casino is one of the most well respected sites in the industry.

Red Flush online casino

You will find a wide selection of games to play at Redflush casino. This includes everything that you would expect to find at a casino including slots and table games. Many of the slot machines have progressive jackpots which means that you have the opportunity to win life changing amounts of money that can even be increased with the redflush online card games which are also very popular. Card games offer some of the best chances to win out of all the casino games, and all the games that you are familiar with are available here including blackjack, baccarat and poker. You may want to play a game that you are already familiar with, or try your hand at something new.

There are also a number of bonuses for you to take advantage of if you sign up as a new member of Redflush casino. These bonuses change all the time but you could receive anything from additional money to play with, to free spins on the slots, or maybe both. If you receive additional funds in your account then this gives you a number of options. You can use the money to make more bets on your chosen game, or you could use it to increase the size of the bets that you were planning to make. Either way, these bonuses can really help you to increase your winnings in any game that you choose to play.

Excellent customer support is also available at Redflush casino. There is a 24/7 online chat service so that you are able to speak to someone about any problems that you may be encountering straightaway. There is also a contact telephone number if you would like to speak to someone in person. Any enquiries can usually be dealt with immediately so that you are able to resume playing as soon as possible, and the friendly support staff will do everything in their power to ensure that this is the case. Redflush casino is available in a large number of countries, and support is available in many languages.

One of the biggest advantages that online casinos have is that you can play them at any time, and wherever you are. All games at Redflush casino can be played on mobile or tablet. This means that even if you are having a cup of tea and only have a few minutes to spare, you can still play all your favorite casino games. If you play the games on your mobile then you can do this wherever you are in the world. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a beach playing casino games on your mobile, and if you strike it lucky as Redflush casino, then these beach holidays could become more frequent.

Reasons for picking a New Bingo Site

If you already play bingo, then you may see no reason for trying out new bingo sites, particularly if you are really happy with the site that you are using. However, you may find that it is worth trying out some new ones and you may even get a new favourite. Below are reasons why you should consider it.

New Bingo Sites

New member bonuses

New members can get some really good deals when they sign up to a new bingo site. There might be financial bonuses, new games or deposit matching. It is worth looking into them all because you may find that you will be able to get a lot of free games to play if you join a new site. This will obviously increase your chances of winning a prize and so it could be well worth doing. You may even get the opportunity to play for free and this could mean you could win cash and spend nothing. It is therefore well worth looking into.

Different features

You will find the different bingo sites will have different features to the site that you currently play. This means that you will be able to try out new things. This could be themes, game types, chat and many other things. It is worth having a look at what other sites do as you may come across features that you really like which the site that you currently use does not have. You may then decide that it is more fun to play on an alternative site.

Brand new sites

There are new sites appearing all of the time. When you first started playing bingo you may have played a few sites and chosen the one that you enjoyed the most. However, you may find that there are now quite a few new sites that you have not tried out before. If you try these out then you may find that you get a brand new favourite site which has a lot more exciting functions than the one that you currently use.

Something Different

You may find that it will just be good to look at a different site for a while. Until you try something new, you may not realise how much fun it could be and how much you could benefit from it. It could really change your experience of playing bingo for the better if you explore what other sites there are that you can play on. You may just find that you have more fun because you are playing on a new site. You could also meet new people in the chat area which could mean that you make some new friends as well.

Bingo FAQ

Our team of bingo players know that playing online bingo for the first time can be a bit daunting and can in some instances be a positive minefield, so for those that are not acquainted with the intricacies, niceties and eccentricities of the beautiful game of online bingo we provide you with a selection of bingo FAQ for your assistance. If you have further questions, please get in contact and we will help you where we can!

Q. 1) I’m unsure which bingo sites to play, there are so many to choose from. How do I decide where to play?

This is one of the most common bingo FAQ, and you are quite right there is a whole plethora of online bingo sites to choose from. With so much choice there are obvious dilemmas, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. Nordencasino.com only feature the very best bingo sites and so you can play these sites with confidence knowing they are all well regarded online bingo names. Players can click straight through to the bingo sites from most of the articles publish on this site, making this section a very useful tool to play online bingo without needing to resort to Google!

Bingo FAQ

Q. 2) There are so many bingo games to choose from, how will I know what game to play and also are the online bingo rules different to playing at a high street bingo hall?

In respect of the difference between the rules of online bingo and high street bingo, there aren’t any really as they are pretty much the same game, the only major difference is that chatting in an online bingo room is positively encouraged whereas when playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall chatting whilst a game is in play is frowned upon. There are benefits to playing both forms of the game, and here at nordencasino.com we are right behind the traditional bingo halls as they are the mother of the online bingo game and as such should be respected by all within the online bingo industry. If you have never tried playing in a bingo hall then why not use the experience of playing online to your advantage and visit your local bingo hall, there you will find lots of friendly players from all age groups and both sexes all willing to chat in the breaks between games. There are also the new wave of bingo halls offering lively party style entertainment, where there is an ‘anything goes’ policy which is a great alternative to playing in a hushed bingo hall. Then when the fun is finished in the bingo hall you can pop home and log on to play online bingo what ever time you get in!

bingo chat room

Q. 3) I’m new to online bingo, the chat room is busy and they use language I don’t understand. How can I join in?

Simple – be honest. Tell the other online bingo roomies that you are new or that you don’t understand. They will be more than willing to explain things to a new player, after all they have been newbie bingo players at some stage themselves. The great thing about online bingo is the camaraderie and friendships that you can build – but you can only do that if you join in. There is a whole different bingo lingo language that can be quite daunting for a new player, with the simple WTG (Way To Go), for a player who has just won, to ROFL (Rolls On Floor Laughing) when another player cracks a joke. New players don’t need to feel that they have to know it all straight away, and very soon it will all make sense. When first in a chat room try to wish the other players GL E1(Good Luck Everyone) before the game starts, say WTG when a player wins, and remember to say TY (Thank You) when other players say WTG to you on a win. These simple few acronyms will help at first until you are used to the chat room language, but a simple ‘SS (so sorry) I am new’, will quickly be responded to by players and CM’s (Chat Moderators) alike, who will be more than eager to help a new player join in the fun. As a point of note, make sure that you don’t leave CAPS lock on, this upper case typing is the equivalent of shouting in bingo chat rooms, and is likely to bring the wrath of not only the CM but also the other roomies.

Q. 4) I am confused by bingo bonus offers, how do they work?

This is another one of those bingo FAQ that is really difficult to answer in a definitive way, this is because each online bingo site usually has their own rules on how a bingo bonus is earned or how a bonus is given. New players at a bingo site are often given a free cash match bingo bonus – these can range from 100% to 400% or more) on a first deposit or sometimes even a no deposit required bonus. These bonus offers are obviously to attract players to make a deposit or to join an online bingo club and to keep playing; therefore in all cases these bonus sums cannot be withdrawn. The player will be expected to deposit and wager at least one times the bonus amount (can be much more than this so check the terms and conditions of a bingo site first) before a withdrawal is made on a win that has been achieved playing bonus cash.

There are many other bonus offers, from re-loads to referring a friend, each online bingo site has its own terms and conditions for these bonuses also, so again check the small print for details.

Q. 5) What is a ‘Raider’?

Players can be referred to as raiders in bingo site chat rooms when a bingo chat game is in progress. Usually this is a derogatory term used to describe a player who has bought tickets in various bingo rooms and doesn’t stay in any or only one of them or a player who has pre-purchased bingo tickets and is not present to participate in chat games. There is a big divide about the use of this term in the online bingo industry, it is felt that on the one hand bingo sites actively encourage players to play in multiple rooms and to pre-purchase bingo tickets then allow them to be castigated in the chat room by the CM (Chat Moderator) or CH (Chat Host) for doing just that. The reason why some players do not like raiders is because the chat games in play sometimes pays bonus points (BBs) to a player(s) but only if the winner is in the chat room. Clearly there is a conflict in the message being sent to online bingo players by the bingo sites concerned when they encourage the term ‘Raider’ to be used. However from our perspective, we believe that online bingo is all about each individual player and how they want to play. So don’t be put off by pre-purchasing your bingo tickets if it is convenient for you to do so – just make sure that you don’t bemoan the raiders if you don’t win any BBs 😉 Continue reading…

Five Excellent Slots to add to Your ongoing list

If you’re looking for new slots, don’t worry — you’re in very good company. We think that adding new slots to your ongoing list helps give you more variety, breaks up boredom, and makes it easier to feel like you’re going to be able to really make some good money on the side. There’s nothing wrong with the idea that you could win a little money. It’s not necessary, but it never fails to put a smile on our face when we hit a small prize while playing slots. But those big jackpots? That’s a completely different matter. After all, how many friends would you call if you ended up winning the big jackpot? It might not be enough to never work again, but it certainly gives you something cool to discuss with everyone at the office. Having a little breathing room is always nice, and who knows…you might want to make it your little secret.

The five slots discussed in this guide can be found in almost any UK casino online. They can be your little secret as well, if you don’t want to share them with anyone. Feel free to check them all out, or just go for the themes that spark your interest the most. We don’t mind either way!

1. Kitty Cash

Kitty Cash slot

This is a slot with a very playful cat theme, inviting you to leave your stress behind and win some money. Isn’t that the best setup ever? With Kitty Cash, you’re getting a standard 5-reel slot with 9 paylines. Now, it doesn’t sound like nine paylines will win you much but there’s a lot to experience with this slot. All of the money making symbols are cats of some kind. If you get the purple cat to show up five times in a row, you get 750 times your original coin bet. That’s a nice prize, for sure. You also get free spins that can trigger over and over again, along with a scatter symbol that gives you a good multiplier. The free spins symbol will show up as a can of tuna, and you get a wild symbol as well. The wild can replace anything on the board, and it doubles your wins if you trigger the symbols on an actual payline. Definitely a game worth checking out.

2. The Bermuda Mysteries

Bermuda Mysteries slot

This is another game that caught our attention, because who doesn’t like a good mystery-themed slot? Bermuda Mysteries is set along the premise that a fleet of insurance companies is waiting back on your home territory to reward you with treasure, provided that you go into the Bermuda Triangle of course. The background music is a little chilling, which matches the mood of the slot. Will you return or be consumed by the mysterious Triangle?

If you find five of the missing boats, you get 5,000 times your original stake, which is the top prize in this game. But you also get a Wild Bonus that comes in handy, because it can morph into other prizes. Also look for the Badge symbol, because you get to have free games where all of the prizes are doubled. Definitely worth checking out! Continue reading…

Strategise and win more often at online bingo

Even though it’s practically absurd to predict or strategize a bingo game, you can still magnify your chances of winning by taking the following aspects seriously while playing. Unlike the other games there are no skill factor attached to this one!

So how do you think you can win more often? It is quite possible, if you keep the following tricks in your mind while playing bingo:

Purchasing maximum number of cards.

The maximum number shouldn’t exceed a particular limit. Buy as many cards that you can keep a record of cause if you over over buy them you might end up losing more money if your luck doesn’t favour you at that moment.

free bingo

Purchase cards with attractive offers

Always go for packages with attractive discounts or the one’s with the buy one get one offer. Using them will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Play in games with fewer competitors

The lesser the number of competitors the better are your chances of grabbing the big prize. In simple words, fewer participants enhances your chances of winning. Find out the game which attracts less people at the same time holds a rewarding amount.

Join bingo groups

Joining bingo communities will help you get productive information from various experienced players on the best games available on-site.

Get bingo bonuses.

Free bingo bonuses are major incentives that you can always take advantage of at a reliable bingo sites like newlookbingo.com. You get to relish on a bonus worth £15 from the moment you join in, accompanied by a total bonus of 1150% on the first three consecutive deposits you’ve made.

This will eventually help you win more cash even if you can’t predict the future outcome.