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The perfect Father’s Day guide for you to spoil Dad with!

Is your Dad a bingo fan? Does he like to play online bingo games or is he more of a traditional night out on the tiles kind of player? No matter the preference, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got the perfect Father’s Day guide for you to spoil Dad with! It’s packed with great ideas for food, drinks, gifts and even a few suggestions for Bingo Prizes, including breakfast in bed! Keep us posted with what you got up to, and if he enjoyed it! Let’s be honest, if it worked well this time around, you can always do the same next year! Continue reading…

Online Bingo: The Social Side

Online bingo games have been popular for many years, and it looks like this trend is set to stay most famous for the coming years. There are many reasons why online bingo games have become so popular. One of the reason is the fact that online bingo games can now be played on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops anytime. Other reasons are the internet connectivity which is available in every corner of the world, thus people can connect and enjoy the bingo room fun even when they are away from home or at work.

However, one of the main reason why this game is attracting more and more players is the social aspect it offers. There is a myth that people who spend a lot of time playing online are anti-social and loners, but it might actually be the opposite. Most of the people who indulge in online gaming, mainly in online bingo game, are socially active as they are always connected to other gamers, all around the world. They might be lost in the virtual world, but they are still socialising. In fact, online bingo sites bring a social gaming atmosphere, which allows players to interact with one another. Many bingo sites come with bingo rooms where the chat session is always open, thus bringing a touch of humanity and the social aspect to a technological era. Continue reading…

Reasons for picking a New Bingo Site

If you already play bingo, then you may see no reason for trying out new bingo sites, particularly if you are really happy with the site that you are using. However, you may find that it is worth trying out some new ones and you may even get a new favourite. Below are reasons why you should consider it.

New Bingo Sites

New member bonuses

New members can get some really good deals when they sign up to a new bingo site. There might be financial bonuses, new games or deposit matching. It is worth looking into them all because you may find that you will be able to get a lot of free games to play if you join a new site. This will obviously increase your chances of winning a prize and so it could be well worth doing. You may even get the opportunity to play for free and this could mean you could win cash and spend nothing. It is therefore well worth looking into.

Different features

You will find the different bingo sites will have different features to the site that you currently play. This means that you will be able to try out new things. This could be themes, game types, chat and many other things. It is worth having a look at what other sites do as you may come across features that you really like which the site that you currently use does not have. You may then decide that it is more fun to play on an alternative site.

Brand new sites

There are new sites appearing all of the time. When you first started playing bingo you may have played a few sites and chosen the one that you enjoyed the most. However, you may find that there are now quite a few new sites that you have not tried out before. If you try these out then you may find that you get a brand new favourite site which has a lot more exciting functions than the one that you currently use.

Something Different

You may find that it will just be good to look at a different site for a while. Until you try something new, you may not realise how much fun it could be and how much you could benefit from it. It could really change your experience of playing bingo for the better if you explore what other sites there are that you can play on. You may just find that you have more fun because you are playing on a new site. You could also meet new people in the chat area which could mean that you make some new friends as well.

Bingo FAQ

Our team of bingo players know that playing online bingo for the first time can be a bit daunting and can in some instances be a positive minefield, so for those that are not acquainted with the intricacies, niceties and eccentricities of the beautiful game of online bingo we provide you with a selection of bingo FAQ for your assistance. If you have further questions, please get in contact and we will help you where we can!

Q. 1) I’m unsure which bingo sites to play, there are so many to choose from. How do I decide where to play?

This is one of the most common bingo FAQ, and you are quite right there is a whole plethora of online bingo sites to choose from. With so much choice there are obvious dilemmas, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. only feature the very best bingo sites and so you can play these sites with confidence knowing they are all well regarded online bingo names. Players can click straight through to the bingo sites from most of the articles publish on this site, making this section a very useful tool to play online bingo without needing to resort to Google!

Bingo FAQ

Q. 2) There are so many bingo games to choose from, how will I know what game to play and also are the online bingo rules different to playing at a high street bingo hall?

In respect of the difference between the rules of online bingo and high street bingo, there aren’t any really as they are pretty much the same game, the only major difference is that chatting in an online bingo room is positively encouraged whereas when playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall chatting whilst a game is in play is frowned upon. There are benefits to playing both forms of the game, and here at we are right behind the traditional bingo halls as they are the mother of the online bingo game and as such should be respected by all within the online bingo industry. If you have never tried playing in a bingo hall then why not use the experience of playing online to your advantage and visit your local bingo hall, there you will find lots of friendly players from all age groups and both sexes all willing to chat in the breaks between games. There are also the new wave of bingo halls offering lively party style entertainment, where there is an ‘anything goes’ policy which is a great alternative to playing in a hushed bingo hall. Then when the fun is finished in the bingo hall you can pop home and log on to play online bingo what ever time you get in!

bingo chat room

Q. 3) I’m new to online bingo, the chat room is busy and they use language I don’t understand. How can I join in?

Simple – be honest. Tell the other online bingo roomies that you are new or that you don’t understand. They will be more than willing to explain things to a new player, after all they have been newbie bingo players at some stage themselves. The great thing about online bingo is the camaraderie and friendships that you can build – but you can only do that if you join in. There is a whole different bingo lingo language that can be quite daunting for a new player, with the simple WTG (Way To Go), for a player who has just won, to ROFL (Rolls On Floor Laughing) when another player cracks a joke. New players don’t need to feel that they have to know it all straight away, and very soon it will all make sense. When first in a chat room try to wish the other players GL E1(Good Luck Everyone) before the game starts, say WTG when a player wins, and remember to say TY (Thank You) when other players say WTG to you on a win. These simple few acronyms will help at first until you are used to the chat room language, but a simple ‘SS (so sorry) I am new’, will quickly be responded to by players and CM’s (Chat Moderators) alike, who will be more than eager to help a new player join in the fun. As a point of note, make sure that you don’t leave CAPS lock on, this upper case typing is the equivalent of shouting in bingo chat rooms, and is likely to bring the wrath of not only the CM but also the other roomies.

Q. 4) I am confused by bingo bonus offers, how do they work?

This is another one of those bingo FAQ that is really difficult to answer in a definitive way, this is because each online bingo site usually has their own rules on how a bingo bonus is earned or how a bonus is given. New players at a bingo site are often given a free cash match bingo bonus – these can range from 100% to 400% or more) on a first deposit or sometimes even a no deposit required bonus. These bonus offers are obviously to attract players to make a deposit or to join an online bingo club and to keep playing; therefore in all cases these bonus sums cannot be withdrawn. The player will be expected to deposit and wager at least one times the bonus amount (can be much more than this so check the terms and conditions of a bingo site first) before a withdrawal is made on a win that has been achieved playing bonus cash.

There are many other bonus offers, from re-loads to referring a friend, each online bingo site has its own terms and conditions for these bonuses also, so again check the small print for details.

Q. 5) What is a ‘Raider’?

Players can be referred to as raiders in bingo site chat rooms when a bingo chat game is in progress. Usually this is a derogatory term used to describe a player who has bought tickets in various bingo rooms and doesn’t stay in any or only one of them or a player who has pre-purchased bingo tickets and is not present to participate in chat games. There is a big divide about the use of this term in the online bingo industry, it is felt that on the one hand bingo sites actively encourage players to play in multiple rooms and to pre-purchase bingo tickets then allow them to be castigated in the chat room by the CM (Chat Moderator) or CH (Chat Host) for doing just that. The reason why some players do not like raiders is because the chat games in play sometimes pays bonus points (BBs) to a player(s) but only if the winner is in the chat room. Clearly there is a conflict in the message being sent to online bingo players by the bingo sites concerned when they encourage the term ‘Raider’ to be used. However from our perspective, we believe that online bingo is all about each individual player and how they want to play. So don’t be put off by pre-purchasing your bingo tickets if it is convenient for you to do so – just make sure that you don’t bemoan the raiders if you don’t win any BBs 😉 Continue reading…

Strategise and win more often at online bingo

Even though it’s practically absurd to predict or strategize a bingo game, you can still magnify your chances of winning by taking the following aspects seriously while playing. Unlike the other games there are no skill factor attached to this one!

So how do you think you can win more often? It is quite possible, if you keep the following tricks in your mind while playing bingo:

Purchasing maximum number of cards.

The maximum number shouldn’t exceed a particular limit. Buy as many cards that you can keep a record of cause if you over over buy them you might end up losing more money if your luck doesn’t favour you at that moment.

free bingo

Purchase cards with attractive offers

Always go for packages with attractive discounts or the one’s with the buy one get one offer. Using them will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Play in games with fewer competitors

The lesser the number of competitors the better are your chances of grabbing the big prize. In simple words, fewer participants enhances your chances of winning. Find out the game which attracts less people at the same time holds a rewarding amount.

Join bingo groups

Joining bingo communities will help you get productive information from various experienced players on the best games available on-site.

Get bingo bonuses.

Free bingo bonuses are major incentives that you can always take advantage of at a reliable bingo sites like You get to relish on a bonus worth £15 from the moment you join in, accompanied by a total bonus of 1150% on the first three consecutive deposits you’ve made.

This will eventually help you win more cash even if you can’t predict the future outcome.

Making The Switch to Bingo Without Hassle

Finding your space in the wider online gambling universe can be tricky. Take poker for example. We love playing poker, but there are times where poker will eat you alive if you’re not careful. All of that planning, strategy, cunning…it’s like being on an episode of reality TV. We’re not trying to compete with people and get voted off a certain island. We’re trying to relax from all of the other challenges on our plate. Of course, there are a lot of challenges going on in our lives these days. But we can escape all of those by making the switch to bingo without hassle.

As long as you’re able to figure out the ins and outs of most casino websites online, you’ll have no trouble making the leap to bingo. In fact, you can always click here for more of bingo games, and slots games as well.

bingo games

Now, even though the site we mentioned has a wide variety of things to do, it’s going to make bingo the star of the show. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get as much bingo going on as you want. Unlike those offline places where they have a closing time, the Internet doesn’t have a shutdown time. In other words, it’s always on, always waiting, and always ready to entertain you.

The top reason why we enjoy bingo is that no two games are alike. The rush we get when we know that we’re so close to the top bingo prize is strong. There’s also a great chance to score lower bingo prizes, and even door prizes just for being part of the crowd. Raffles done at random are often the name of the game, but there are plenty of different promotions to choose from. Rather than make our guide stale, we invite you to check out the site in question so that you don’t miss a thing.

But let’s be honest: can you have real money bingo without hassle? Absolutely. You can always test out whether you want to hit a certain bingo spot without paying anything, but you still want to be able to put down money and take a little risk. What are you waiting for? Click here for more bingo fun today!

Every Bingo Game Is Like a Second Chance

One of the hardest aspects of playing online is that sooner or later, you have to face defeat. The act of winning is something that we can all easily relate to. It’s a thrill and a rush, a high that leaves us feeling pretty good for the rest of the day and even the next day. When we win something, we want to tell everybody that we know the good news. But on the other hand, are we that quick to talk about losing? Of course not, because no one wants to lose. Everyone would rather win all of the time. Well, if you ever create a slot machine that always pays out the maximum amount, feel free to give us the grand opening tour! It would be next to impossible to make that happen, naturally. It wouldn’t be a fair game, which would fly in the face of “fair play” regulations. Online gaming being tightly regulated as it is, we can’t hope for a guarantee. That’s the risk and thrill of gambling in a nutshell.

But we can say this: if you cross over into playing bingo, every time you lose will feel like another chance to win. The long and short of it is that if you want to really win, you’re going to have to keep playing. You have to pick up after each loss and try again, just a little bit.

For some, this is easy. For others, it feels like you’re never going to win.


If you need a break, try playing free bingo at harrysbingo. It’s a bingo portals that brings on the fun and gives you plenty of different game rooms to work off the stress of your day. You still aren’t guaranteed anything, which means that it’ll feel three times as good when you win naturally.

The best part? You can test the waters without depositing anything. While it’s true you won’t win real money, you can still see how you like the place. And who knows? The thrill of seeing that you won virtual money may be enough for you to feel confident about real money play again.

Bingo is a game that we just don’t get tired of playing. If you’re looking for a break from the stress, you may find it within the wide world of bingo, and all of the money and prizes you can win. Check it out today, while it’s on your mind. You won’t be disappointed, and you may win a jackpot big enough to tell all of your friends!

Online Bingo’s Fine Print

If you play bingo online, you are mostly attracted to loads of sizzling free bingo bonus offers or discovering new bingo sites that offer very attractive free bonuses. Today, due to fierce competition amongst UK bingo operators, you’re sure to stumble across tons of free bonuses and along with no deposit bingo deals.

However, many players are fast becoming disappointed with these deals as the sites they’ve joined up usually have fine print that’s not always clear or doesn’t stand out over the flash free offer.

To ensure you’re not disappointed, here are a couple of valuable tips to keep you safe and having fun.

  1. Don’t skip the fine print
  2. An alternative sign up strategy that can give you even more bonus while meeting the rules of your bingo site
  3. Be sure to understand the withdrawal rules

The fine print in Free Bingo Bonuses

It’s very difficult for an online bingo site to offer free no deposit bingo bonuses without some restriction. Since all bingo sites are in business to make a profit, there’s always a requirement or restriction with no deposit bingo offers.

The purpose of a no deposit bingo bonus is first to allow you to test try a bingo site prior to making a deposit. It’s not offered for you to win a bingo game and cash out before making a deposit.

play bingo online

So be sure to read the fine print – any site that offers no deposit bingo offers requires their members to make an initial deposit prior to any winnings.

Valuable Strategy  

Here’s a sound strategy to ensure you get the maximum bonus and perk from a site that is giving you an attractive no deposit bingo offer:

  1. Sign Up
  2. BUT before you wager your free trial bonus, make the minimum deposit required.
  3. This way you get a free welcome bonus + no deposit bingo offer + your initial deposit
  4. And best of all, you qualify for a withdrawal should you be lucky enough to bingo on a juicy pot

What are the Payout Rules?

There’s another surprise that tends to disappoint players, specially newbies to the world of online bingo and that is the minimum withdrawal rule. Sure you can deposit as low as £5 on some bingo sites but the minimum withdrawal on most sites are around £30.

Traditionally bingo sites who offer very attractive free bonuses tend to even have a higher minimum withdrawal limit.

To ensure you’re not disappointed and are not mislead by an attractive offer, please take one to three minutes to carefully review the bingo sites withdrawal policy as this will save you money, headache and tons of time.

There you have it, to get the most from a new bingo site you’ve signed up be sure to:

  1. Read the fine print
  2. Make an initial deposit before playing your no deposit bingo offer
  3. Take a few minutes to review the site’s withdrawal policy

If you follow the above three best practices, you’re sure to save yourself tons of time, money and headache.

Bingo is intended to be a fun filled experience and the last thing you want is to feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. Our recommendation is to check out for best online bingo at landmarkbingo as they offer generous bonuses and an amazing platform to play your next bingo game at. Have fun!!

Free Online Bingo Sites are Everywhere

The only way online and mobile bingo could get any better is if you’re able to play along for free. Luckily, some sites offer just this, giving players the chance to get their bingo fix whenever and wherever they are.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but free bingo sites do exist. These are bingo brands that offer players bonus cash just for signing up; giving them the chance to play games and explore all the site has to offer for free. The amount given as a no deposit bonus can range from anywhere between £5 up to as much as £20 on more generous sites. Particularly lucky players can find themselves winning with the no deposit cash and continue to bankroll their bingo games on the back of the bonus cash.

No deposit bonuses are just the beginning though as a lot of sites also offer free bingo games to both funded and non-funded players. Because funded players may get access to free bingo that offers a cash prize. Non-funded players often play free games with little or no prize money, or which offer free tickets and loyalty points as a prize instead.

Free Online Bingo

Mummies Bingo is one of many free bingo sites, which offers great free bingo, games to players. You can start off your journey on the site with a £15 no deposit bonus just for creating an account and adding your card at Then once you’ve sampled some of the bingo and slots for free, you can take part in more free bingo games and tournaments.

Players will need to check the bingo lobby regularly to find out when the next games are taking place and what type of bingo they’ll be playing. After all this site offers everything from 90-ball bingo to 30 ball games.

Bingo Facts

Bingo is not just a game, it’s a cultural icon. Bingo has been played, in one form or another, for nearly five centuries. In the UK, Bingo is a way of life; home to hundreds if not thousands of Bingo Halls. In fact, Bingo has become the top ranking pastime in all of the United Kingdom. In North America, Bingo is not just an occasional pastime, but the number one way to raise funds across the United States; usually associated with religious institutions. Churches in just about every city of the United States hold charity Bingo games each and every week.

What started out as a fad in the early 20th century has evolved into one of the most beloved, well known games in the entire world. Whether it’s the 75-Ball Bingo, 90-Ball Bingo, or the latest craze, 80-Ball Bingo, you would be hard pressed to find anyone (over the age of 4) who hasn’t played, or at least heard of the game of Bingo.

With so many Bingo fans out there, we thought it would be interesting to see how many Bingo fun facts we could drudge up. So here they are – the top 20 Fun Facts about Bingo!

Bingo Facts

1. The game of Bingo came from a Lottery style game played in Italy dating as far back as 1530 – “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. To this day, the game is played Saturday, with proceeds going to fund a large portion of the government’s budget, estimated at 75 million per year.

2. Bingo, as we know it today, was discovered by New York toy manufacturer Edwin S. Lowe in 1929 while attending a carnival outside of Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, the game was termed “Beano” for its use of dried beans to cover numbers on the cards.

3. “Beano” got its new name, “Bingo”, when one of Edwin Lowe’s friends became overly excited, jumping up and mistakenly shouting “Bingo!” The name stuck, and has been Bingo ever since.

4. Bingo is beloved by 7.5% of the earth’s population.

5. Twice as many women love to play Bingo than men – 10% of all women, 5% of all men. If you add 10% and 5% and divide by 2, you get Bingo Fun Fact #4

6. About 30% of Bingo fans are younger than 35 years of age, dispelling the myth that only seniors like to play Bingo.

7. The game of Bingo is the number one source of community fund raising across all of North America. Continue reading…